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Font Installer

The Font Installer is a light-weight application designed to allow end-users to easily install your fonts.


This section is for font developers who wish to distribute their fonts. To get the Font Installer to install your fonts, follow these steps (you do NOT need to be a programmer):

  1. Download the executable version of Font Installer from below.
  2. Extract to a temporary directory.
  3. Copy the fonts you want to install into that directory.
  4. List these fonts in 'fonts.dat'. Ensure you seperate each file name with a new line.
  5. Replace 'licence.txt' with the licence of your choice. Your fonts do NOT need to be distributed under the GNU GPL to use this software.
  6. Create a self-extracting archive using a utility of your choice with the following options:
    • Silent decompression (no dialog boxes).
    • Decompress to temporary directory.
    • Automatically load FontInstaller.exe after decompression.
    If you don't know what to use, WinRAR's SFX creation utility is very good. For an open source alternative, try UPX.
  7. Test!


Font Installer (Executable Version)
Font Installer Source Code (Win32 C++)

Please note that this software comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind so use it at your own risk!

You may obtain archived releases from the file list of our project page.

System Requirements

The Font Installer should work on Microsoft Windows 95 and above without any dependencies.