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Internet Explorer

Version Platform Compatibility Notes
6.0 Win 98+, Win NT4 (SP 6a)+ Excellent Does not natively support the Gurmukhi additions in Unicode 4. Using an appropriate font can fix this problem.
5.5 Win 95+, Win NT4 (SP 3)+ Unknown
5.0 Win 95+, Win NT4 (SP 3)+ Unknown
4.0 Win 95+, Win NT4+ Poor Although support for Unicode is included, there is no support for the complex rendering required by Gurmukhi.


Version Platform Compatibility Notes
2003 Win XP+ Excellent Completely supports Unicode Gurmukhi under Windows XP. There may be issues with sorting order in Microsoft Access. Microsoft provides a free Punjabi Language Interface Pack to turn the user interface of Office 2003 into Punjabi.