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AnmolUni and AnmolUniBani are a set of fonts developed by Dr Thind as eventual replacements for the proprietary encoded AnmolLipi fonts. AnmolUni is fully compliant with Unicode 4.0. AnmolUniBani incorporates all features of Unicode 4.0 but also includes additional characters required for older Gurmukhi. They are both identical typefaces.

You should be aware that any of the additions in AnmolUniBani are as of yet not in the Unicode standard. These may one day be included in the standard in the form used in AnmolUniBani or in other forms. You take a risk that your data will not be fully compatible with future releases of Unicode when using the AnmolUniBani fonts.


AnmolUniBani uses several additional conjuncts not recognised by the Unicode standard. It also uses multiple conjoined consonants to represent alternative forms of conjuncts (e.g. Pari Haha and Udaat). The use of multiple cojoined consonants is a customised addition to this font and are extremely unlikely to ever be encoded in the Unicode standard.

Also included in this font is a dual vowel sign symbol in the Private Use Area. This represents a combined Hora and Onkar. All other non-conventional forms of Gurmukhi can be accommodated using a combination of ZWS, ZWJ and ZWNJ.

AnmolUniBani Features

The following four situations are recognised by the Unicode standard:

Standard Conjuncts

The following situations are accurate conjoined forms and may be accepted into the Unicode standard at a later date:

Extra Conjuncts

The following two conjoined forms are alternative versions of the ones listed above. They are implemented by adding double conjuncts and are unlikely to be accepted into the Unicode standard.

Alternative Conjuncts

The Unicode Private Use Area contains a Hora and Onkar combined vowel sign:


Licence Terms

AnmolUni and AnmolUniBani are released under the GNU General Public Licence.


AnmolUni Version 1.40

Zip File

AnmolUniBani Version 1.40

Zip File

Automatic Installer

This program will automatically install both AnmolUni and AnmolUniBani and all variants.



Details coming soon...


You are allowed to redistribute this font on your own web sites as you please. However, if you are distributing the font with your own software, the software MUST comply with the GNU General Public Licence.


AnmolUni and AnmolUniBani are constantly being updated and improved. Although these fonts were not developed by us directly, we were involved heavily in resolving compatibility issues. If you have anything to say, please contact us.