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This keyboard comes with Windows XP.

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Normal State

Normal Keyboard

Shift State

Shift Keyboard


Alt Gr (Ctrl + Alt) State

Alt Gr Keyboard

Ctrl + Shift State

Ctrl + Shift Keyboard

Alt Gr + Shift (Ctrl + Alt + Shift) State

Alt Gr + Shift Keyboard

If you are wondering why there are strange combinations in the top left hand corner of the shift state, these are conjuncts (Pairin Akhar and Adda Yayya). The actual effect of these conjuncts is shown below:

Mha - ਮ + '੍ਹ' = ਮ੍ਹ
Pra - ਪ + '੍ਰ' = ਪ੍ਰ
Dwa - ਦ + '੍ਵ' = ਦ੍ਵ
Dya - ਦ + '੍ਯ' = ਦ੍ਯ