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Metamorph is designed to allow you to manipulate and convert Gurmukhi text. It is based on the concepts behind GUCA and is currently in active development. GUCA and support for GUCA will be discontinued once Metamorph has been released.


Metamorph will have a feature set that greatly expands on GUCA:

  • Convert to Unicode using a syllable based conversion method which greatly reduces errors compared to the linear based conversion in GUCA. This method actually checks each syllable for validity and tries to intelligently repair errors.
  • The introduction of a new intermediary format that encodes Gurmukhi in visual order. This allows you to convert to-and-from any combination of fonts and Unicode.
  • Automated transliteration of Gurmukhi to other Indian scripts such as Devanagari using InterIndic.
  • More accurate transliteration of Gurmukhi to Latin.
  • General usability improvements, bug fixes and more...!

If you have further queries please e-mail the author (in English only).


Metamorph is still in development and is unlikely to be released before mid-April 2005. Stay tuned!

System Requirements

Metamorph requires the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 to function correctly. Metamorph is being developed on Windows XP and should work correctly on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server.