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Gurmukhi Compatibility Guide

This section of the web site tracks and monitors the level of support that applications provide for Unicode Gurmukhi. If you have information to add, please contact us.

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Sun Microsystems

Other (Proprietary)
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Defining Compatibility

Because programs are only beginning to support Unicode Gurmukhi, we have been very generous in how we determine which compatiblity rating to give. The ratings are:

  • Poor - No support for Gurmukhi rendering. The program may support Unicode in general.
  • Okay - Support for Unicode Gurmukhi can be enabled in one way or another. There may be deficiencies in the level of support, but not enough to prevent adequate use.
  • Good - Generally support for Gurmukhi is good although there may be outstanding issues.
  • Excellent - Gurmukhi support should be well implemented and easy to use. There should not be large outstanding issues.