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Before continuing, please note that Sherik is not designed or supported by the Punjabi Computing Resource Centre. Although this software is freeware, it is not open source.

If you have further queries please e-mail Dr Gurpreet Singh Lehal (in English or Punjabi).

About Sherik

Sherik is a stripped down version of Akhar - a Punjabi Word Processor and Gurmukhi OCR. Sherik is free software developed for educational purposes and it supports only one Punjabi font, Akhar. Sherik provides a number of features that make the use of Punjabi Language on a computer easy and provides a number of tools that automate and simplify the creation and formatting of documents.

The Punjabi Computing Resource Centre is primarily designed to facilitate the use of Gurmukhi via Unicode. Sherik does not use Unicode internally but text may be saved in Unicode format using the 'Export' function.


Please select which package you wish to download:

Sherik - [Version 1.0]

Please note that this software comes with NO WARRANTY of any kind so use it at your own risk!

Installation Instructions

After installing the software, you will be promoted to enter a password based on a 'CD Key'. You can retrieve the CD key for free by e-mailing Dr Gurpreet Singh Lehal. After receiving the reply e-mail, enter the password and the software will be permanently unlocked.