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Gurmukhi Subrange

The Gurmukhi subrange is from U+0A00 to U+0A7F. This provides 128 code points for Gurmukhi characters of which only 77 are currently used (Unicode 4.0.1). Code points U+0A01 (Adak Bindi) and U+0A03 (Visarga) were not used prior to Unicode 4.0. In addition, Danda and Double Danda are contained in the Devanagari subrange at U+0964 and U+0965 respectively.

The official layout of the Unicode Gurmukhi subrange [PDF] as presented by the Unicode Consortium is available.

Text Representation

0A00 0A01 0A02 0A03 0A04 0A05 0A06 0A07 0A08 0A09 0A0A 0A0B 0A0C 0A0D 0A0E 0A0F
0A10 0A11 0A12 0A13 0A14 0A15 0A16 0A17 0A18 0A19 0A1A 0A1B 0A1C 0A1D 0A1E 0A1F
0A20 0A21 0A22 0A23 0A24 0A25 0A26 0A27 0A28 0A29 0A2A 0A2B 0A2C 0A2D 0A2E 0A2F
0A30 0A31 0A32 0A33 0A34 0A35 0A36 0A37 0A38 0A39 0A3A 0A3B 0A3C 0A3D 0A3E 0A3F
0A40 0A41 0A42 0A43 0A44 0A45 0A46 0A47 0A48 0A49 0A4A 0A4B 0A4C 0A4D 0A4E 0A4F
0A50 0A51 0A52 0A53 0A54 0A55 0A56 0A57 0A58 0A59 0A5A 0A5B 0A5C 0A5D 0A5E 0A5F
0A60 0A61 0A62 0A63 0A64 0A65 0A66 0A67 0A68 0A69 0A6A 0A6B 0A6C 0A6D 0A6E 0A6F
0A70 0A71 0A72 0A73 0A74 0A75 0A76 0A77 0A78 0A79 0A7A 0A7B 0A7C 0A7D 0A7E 0A7F


Mha - ਮ + '੍ਹ' = ਮ੍ਹ
Pra - ਪ + '੍ਰ' = ਪ੍ਰ
Dwa - ਦ + '੍ਵ' = ਦ੍ਵ
Dya - ਦ + '੍ਯ' = ਦ੍ਯ

Image Representation

Expected Representation


Expected Representation


The image representations should match the text representations (font differences aside) if you have a Unicode 4 compatible font and rendering engine. If you notice problems with U+0A01 and U+0A03, your font/rendering engine does not support the Gurmukhi additions for Unicode 4.

If your browser is unable to render the conjuncts, this means that it does not have complex script rendering enabled for Gurmukhi.

For U+0A33, the dot at the bottom should be on the right and not to the left.