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Keyboard Layouts

This section deals with popular Unicode keyboard layouts for use with Punjabi.

Recommended Layouts

These layouts are actively promoted, supported and refined by the Punjabi Computing Resource Centre and the Punjabi Linux Team. We recommend the use of the phonetic keyboard for new users.


This is the keyboard layout recommended by the Punjabi Computing Resource Centre. It is based on a phonetic relationship between Gurmukhi characters and their Latin script equivalents. Most users should find this keyboard easy to use and logical.

Refined Inscript

This is for users who wish to use an Inscript-like layout without dead keys.

Font and Typewriter Based Layouts

These layouts are based on existing Gurmukhi fonts and typewriters. They are designed for users who wish to migrate to Unicode but do not want to adjust the way they type.


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Other Layouts


This layout ships with Microsoft Windows XP. We consider it inadequate for the Punjabi language and is only of use to users who wish to type regularly in more than one Indian script.